DESIGN :: Design tips & ideas for your home
Designing a space that reflects your personal style is totally attainable. With a little help from our user-friendly Design articles, you’ll be well on your way to creating the home you thought only existed in the pages of magazines. From defining your style to designing a room around your favorite color, we’re sharing all the knowledge you need to make your dream home a reality!
Explore four decorating styles to discover yours
Fabulous and functional workspaces
Metal furniture is turning heads
Our experts share their fabulous finds
Warehouse chic never looked so good
Live like you're on a permanent vacation
Learn how to maximize your square footage
Weathered wood furniture is here to stay
Promote a sense of harmony in your home
Make your home a stress-free sanctuary
Our experts share their fabulous designs
Explore four decorating styles to discover yours
Create a room that's fit for royalty
Prep your space for some serious entertaining
What feelings do your walls inspire?
Establish eye flow from room to room
Five keys to a space you can really relax in
Whether you’re talking fashion or furniture, understanding your personal style is essential to creating a cohesive look.
Enjoy a festive home from Halloween 'til New Year's
Explore four decorating styles to discover yours
Cool furniture that makes life easier
This neutral hue is chic, sleek and oh-so versatile
Create an inspired design from just about anything
Four simple rules to help you mix patterns like a pro
Discover the many faces of this enchanting hue
Find your home where life and style intersect
The do's and don'ts of themed rooms
Designers are in love with these latest color palettes
Blending design styles for a one-of-a-kind look
Discover the many sides of this go-to hue
Spaces inspired by our favorite vacation spots
Establish eye flow from room to room
Make the most of your square footage
What feelings do your walls inspire?
Learn how to make this bold hue play nice
Transform your space with these colorful ideas
A collection of youthful spaces
Retreats for you and your guests
Smart settings for celebrations
Rooms designed for relaxation
Welcoming spaces to greet your guests
Colorful spaces to satisfy your craving for orange
Add a dash of unexpected style to your home
Living large in a small city apartment
Discover the star power of these familiar tones
Design ideas that will simplify your life
Cool ways to introduce yellow into your home
Regions around the globe help inspire a fresh start at home
Revel in our color of the month: white
Dying to know your style? Read on!
We've got a serious case of the blues
Designing around windows is like a breath of fresh air
With these simple steps you'll be faux painting like a pro in no time
Tips on how to go for it with gold
Discover the subtle and spicy tones of orange-red
If you're trying to make a bold statement, you can't go wrong with red
4 decorating items to help express your passion for purple
Pink is more versatile than you think
For a cheerful lift, say hello to yellow
4 reasons to opt for orange
Transform your space with turquoise
For a twist on traditional room colors, go lime green
When it comes to decorating, there's nothing wrong with having the blues
4 reasons greens are good for you

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