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Designing a space that reflects your personal style is totally attainable. With a little help from our user-friendly Design articles, you’ll be well on your way to creating the home you thought only existed in the pages of magazines. From defining your style to designing a room around your favorite color, we’re sharing all the knowledge you need to make your dream home a reality!
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History and fine craftsmanship inspire this decorating style
Are your style sensibilities totally tech influenced?
Would you like your bedroom to reflect your love of reading & writing?
Does Mad Men make you long for a 1960's inspired living room?
A bedroom inspired by Gone with the Wind
Love the 1960's glitz and glamour of Breakfast at Tiffany's?
Does your kids' room need major clutter control?
Time to kick the clutter out of your office?
Are you inspired by "Zen" like living rooms?
Tropical gardens inspire gorgeous designs
I am inspired by the beauty of English gardens
I'm imagining a serene, antique-white dining room
I love the pristine look of an all white living room
A black-and-white bedroom sounds dreamy!
4 reasons greens are good for you
When it comes to decorating, there's nothing wrong with having the blues
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