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Comfort Type

Comfort Type

1. Which sounds most comfortable to you?
A. The grass in the park—firm but with a bit of padding to keep me comfy
B. A blanket on the beach—mostly firm but with more cushioning
C. A bed of feathers—light and airy but with a little substance to cushion my body
D. A weightless cloud—sink-in sensation with perfect body conformity
If you answered A, you'd probably be most comfortable on a firm mattress.
It features a limited number of comfort layers Furniture 101:
Comfort layers are material layers located beneath the quilt layers...
with a tightly sewn cover for firmness, so it provides outstanding support. And while no one type of mattress is perfect for any one type of sleep position, firm mattresses are often preferred by back and stomach sleepers.
Betting on B? Then a plush mattress may suit your sleep style.
It's made with multiple layers of cushioning with a more loosely sewn cover for better conformity. And because it's right in the middle of the comfort scale, a plush mattress Furniture 101:
A plush mattress features multiple layers of cushioning placed in...
is a great option if you and your sleep partner have different comfort preferences.
Choosing C says you might prefer a pillowtop mattress.
It provides more cushioning than a firm or plush mattress for that "bed of feathers" feel. Plus, its conforming design helps alleviate those pressure points that keep you up all night tossing and turning. And because side sleepers often feel pressure in their shoulders and knees, many of them swear by pillowtop mattresses.
Deciding on D means a memory foam mattress may be right for you.
This mattress offers a sink-in sensation and outstanding conformity while eliminating pressure points and motion disturbance, making you feel like you're sleeping on a weightless cloud.
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